Kenya 09/16

Ever since we've returned from Kenya, we noticed that we kept saying the same thing in response to the same question coming from different people. "How was Kenya?", Aaron and I would look at each other and smile, because we know exactly what the other is about to say. Not on purpose, but because it's really how we felt.

How was Kenya? It was hard, because it taught me the depth of simplicity; the joy of having nothing. When you live in a first world country, and you're taught first hand; the joy of having nothing- YOU CLING! You cling to every lesson taught by watching the natives just be, and you hope to God that it sticks with you, and then you pray for a constant reminder to live with open hands. It was honest, and raw, and abundant. It was crowded, impoverished, and hopeful. It was full of hope.

Here are some shots from Kenya; the land I was once afraid of for not knowing what to expect, but am now in love with, hoping to go back sooner than later. 


As we traveled further and further into this African land, watching the power of simplicity unfold, conjecture and anxiety lifted and it became easier to breathe. The Bible says "where the Spirit of The Lord is there is freedom", I witnessed this freedom. I also came to the conclusion that where the Spirit of The Lord is, is Home. I was home. 

Having nothing has never looked so appealing, the joy of having nothing even more so. Kenya has won our hearts, the landscapes, the beauty in the midst of chaos and especially the people and their incredibly deep understanding of hospitality. 

Summer Time & The Living Is Easy

As the summer holidays came to an end, I did a couple shoots and took popsicles and ice cream as props and had so much fun with the kiddos. Hoping to capture more than just ice cream covered mouths, there was personality all over the place! 

Here are some of my favorites!


The Lo Family

This is The Lo family. The little boy, Ezra is one years old and was the star of the shoot. I had so much fun with this family, capturing them in their natural habitat at Mason Mill Park and Adair Park in Decatur. 

The Hood Family

After a crazy 2 weeks of non-stop rain, and postponed shoots, we finally decided to power through the rain. I had the most fun with this family's lifestyle shoot. The cutest identical twin girls and a goofy 2 year old made for an easy shoot.

Abby Jane Howard

This is Abigail Jane, the daughter of our good friends.

 I really wanted to stretch myself and master my craft some more-- I have, no doubt, fallen in love with Child Photography and I will be forever humbled and grateful at the thought that I get to pursue this as my career and that I have the full support of Jesus, my husband and my family. The more I photograph, the more I learn. Every time. Here are some of my favorites from Abby Jane's newborn session. 

Trentacosta Maternity Session

I got the opportunity to snap some pictures for the Trentacosta Family before little Joey comes. I loved shooting this before sunset, because the soft light was perfect. The soft light created a light, and dreamy feel and who doesn't like light and dreamy feels?

1st on the 31st.

This is Zane Hoffman.

He had his first birthday party at My Gym in Buckhead on Saturday August 31st. I got to capture all the fun he had and all the love and kisses that was showered on him. He is so fearless and playful, and so full of joyous smiles.

Snacks on snacks at this Sesame Street Themed Party, but I think my favorite was the cookie monster cup cake. Those cupcakes were delish and made me want to throw a surprise party for myself for my birthday next year, just so I can get those cakes. 

And all the rest...

P for Portrait.

While I was editing my latest portrait session I shot for a new lifestyle blog, I fell in love all over again. I feel like the more I immerse myself in the art, the more I fall in love with it and the more I learn. 

I'm learning about how beauty in all it's forms appeal to me and how to celebrate it and enjoy it in a way that compliments the subject/s and my love for capturing it.

When Aaron and I started hanging out, I told him about my love for and interest in photography .and he kept telling me the same thing; something his dad told him, "take a million pictures". No doubt, I took a lot more pictures than I used to, but not nearly anywhere close to even a thousand. I had to get passed waiting for the right moment, I had to be ready for the right moment; the befores and afters. This year I took a lot more pictures than ever, and I keep falling more and more in love with the art. 

I am blessed.


Characteristics of Children

My husband and I up and left, to his parents in Nashville, with our pup last week Sunday around 10pm. We figured, his sister and her kids had arrived that afternoon and they're expecting us Monday afternoon/evening, but why not leave a day earlier to surprise the kids. A 5 hour drive at 10pm? We didn't even think twice about it, what got me through was the potential looks on the kids faces when they woke up the next morning and we were already there. Imagine their awe and excitement.

Monday was a long day of splash-pad, baking and nail painting fun so we decided to take it easy Tuesday, but when evening came, the kids had all their energy and nothing less-- so "Silly Uncle Aaron" decided to bring out the sprinkler.

I'm always encouraged by the characteristics of children. I enjoy them so much because I'm constantly learning from them, as I observe. They're fearless, kind, generous, pure and wondrous. Their self-worth, willingness to learn and the best part about their independence is that they wont think twice to seek out help when they need it. They're affectionate, forgiving, playful, grateful, imaginative, easy to please, faithful, loyal, affirming, funny and honest. We could all learn a little thing or two from children, especially us; adults, who have been through and seen a lot of life and had it strip little parts of those childlike characteristics away from us. Find a kid to play with for an hour, ask questions, observe and learn.


Now I'm a feeler, and it seems I feel things in a heavier way than most. Be that as it may, I become so overwhelmed with gratitude at the thought of where my life is heading right now. SO MUCH TO LEARN. I feel like I waited a lifetime to find the thing I want to pursue as a career, the thing that just makes sense. But at the same time, I couldn't be more thankful that it took me a "lifetime" to figure it out, because now I'm more grateful than ever. The timing of it all couldn't have been more perfect, I might be subject to time but knowing that I serve the Chief Orchestrator of life and time itself, puts me at ease immediately, and then knowing that He is not subject to time- making His timing SO perfect, even more so. 

Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.
— Henry Ward Beecher

Observe, and learn.