P for Portrait.

While I was editing my latest portrait session I shot for a new lifestyle blog, I fell in love all over again. I feel like the more I immerse myself in the art, the more I fall in love with it and the more I learn. 

I'm learning about how beauty in all it's forms appeal to me and how to celebrate it and enjoy it in a way that compliments the subject/s and my love for capturing it.

When Aaron and I started hanging out, I told him about my love for and interest in photography .and he kept telling me the same thing; something his dad told him, "take a million pictures". No doubt, I took a lot more pictures than I used to, but not nearly anywhere close to even a thousand. I had to get passed waiting for the right moment, I had to be ready for the right moment; the befores and afters. This year I took a lot more pictures than ever, and I keep falling more and more in love with the art. 

I am blessed.