Kenya 09/16

Ever since we've returned from Kenya, we noticed that we kept saying the same thing in response to the same question coming from different people. "How was Kenya?", Aaron and I would look at each other and smile, because we know exactly what the other is about to say. Not on purpose, but because it's really how we felt.

How was Kenya? It was hard, because it taught me the depth of simplicity; the joy of having nothing. When you live in a first world country, and you're taught first hand; the joy of having nothing- YOU CLING! You cling to every lesson taught by watching the natives just be, and you hope to God that it sticks with you, and then you pray for a constant reminder to live with open hands. It was honest, and raw, and abundant. It was crowded, impoverished, and hopeful. It was full of hope.

Here are some shots from Kenya; the land I was once afraid of for not knowing what to expect, but am now in love with, hoping to go back sooner than later. 


As we traveled further and further into this African land, watching the power of simplicity unfold, conjecture and anxiety lifted and it became easier to breathe. The Bible says "where the Spirit of The Lord is there is freedom", I witnessed this freedom. I also came to the conclusion that where the Spirit of The Lord is, is Home. I was home. 

Having nothing has never looked so appealing, the joy of having nothing even more so. Kenya has won our hearts, the landscapes, the beauty in the midst of chaos and especially the people and their incredibly deep understanding of hospitality.